Linkworthy 8/6/10

Youth Ministry



  • My favorite post of the week was The ethics of ice cream. Best part of the exchange: “One sample per customer.” Stirred by her apparent misunderstanding, I looked at her passionately, full in the face, appealing to her not so much as the gelato girl but as a fellow human being. “But don’t you see,” I said warmly, “it makes no sense to provide one sample! It’s just the same as providing no samples at all! I’m sure I would love many of these flavours – but at the moment, all I know is that I don’t like the melon. Really, if you could just let me try one more, just the caramelised fig…”
  • Doug Rushkoff thinks that not even the corporations will be able to turn a profit for very much longer
  • Cool video: Slow motion lightning strike

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